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An interactive online community for Open Space facilitators.

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Imagine that there is someone very far away who shares your dear passion for bringing people together. Now imagine that in the blink of an eye, the two of you can be brought together for a single moment to have exactly the conversation that you need to have.

The technology fades away and suddenly there are two people, then four people-- then many more-- connecting & sharing their ideas, energy, and hearts with each other.

We-- all of us-- can make this happen, and I hope you will join us.

The Invitation
Members of the Open Space Community from across the world will gather here to hold an open and inclusive Open Space event.

May 14-15, 2015 from 12pm-3pm Eastern
Opening: 12:00pm Eastern
Sessions 1-4: 12:30pm Eastern
Closing: 2:30pm Eastern

This will be a fun and highly interactive online event. We'll convene online as a group and you'll spend most of your time jumping between small-group breakout tables on the topics that interest you most. You will be able to participate by phone or by your computer's microphone. Video will be optional.

You can start interacting with others in this space between now and the main event in May. Click here [insert link] to read suggestions for how to jump right in.

Cost: Free. When you create an account and join this collaborative space, the first month is free. If you like what you see, you are invited to stay for as long as you like and continue collaborating and connecting with other OS practitioners. You will find that the live events that any of us can create here will complement the vibrant and in-depth written discussions happening on OSList. The cost is $5 per month.

Sponsorship Pays our Facilitators
If your organization would like to be a sponsor of this event, please email your logo and a link to your website to Sponsorship costs $100.

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