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Informal, 3-min Overview

QiqoChat for Your Organization

Trade Associations

Trade Associations

  • Generate revenue with relevant continuing education programs which require minimal overhead
  • Make your existing conferences and webinars more interactive
  • Increase engagement with young professionals
Elected Officials

Elected Officials

  • Improve staff coordination
  • Engage the public
  • Test strategic messaging with focus groups


  • Engage your students with blended learning or flipped classrooms
  • Facilitate in-depth discussion
  • Track progress
Businesses & Non-Profits

Businesses & Non-Profits

  • Provide employees with real time answers
  • Retain knowledge of key employees
  • Substantially improve mentorship
Government Agencies

Government Agencies

  • Save time & money
  • Retain knowledge during turnover
  • Collaborate across agencies
Alumni Associations

Alumni Associations

  • Interactive speed networking for alumni
  • Increase engagement with young professionals
  • Generate revenue through ads & sponsorship

About QiqoChat

We created QiqoChat, because we believed that existing online platforms were only scratching the surface of what was possible in terms of online collaboriation and member-to-member engagement.

Qiqo stands for "Quality In, Quality Out" and we make that happen by adding light structure to each of the 12+ collaboration tools on the platform. This structure helps group communication stay organized, especially as your group grows and more people join your live audio/video events or written conversations.

QiqoChat is especially useful for groups where you want to empower your members to take the initiative, learn from each other, and collaborate.

Unleash Learning Across Your Organization

Better Online Conversations

Harness & Share Leading Practices

Text, Phone, & Video Collaboration

Social Media Integration

Instant Notifications

And much more!


Members Pay


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just 1¢/min per person
for video meetings
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Annual Base Price/Member
Members 1-999 Free
Members 1,000+ $1.00
Members 2,000+ $.90
Members 5,000+ $.80
Members 10,000+ $.75
Members 15,000+ $.50
Members 20,000+    $.25