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Published by JohnEley over 4 years ago in Dialogue and Facilitation in response to What motivates you to do this work?.
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I came to the work of deliberative democracy (here I am assuming that this concern fits within the domain of dialogue and facilitation) late in my career, after I retired from active involvement in public policy analysis and program planning for various federal agencies. The impetus for my doing so was provided by my deepening fears over the future of our democracy. Events of the last decade forced me to reconsider my core assumption that our democracy could take care of itself and that I could concentrate on the technical aspects of governing in the spirit of public administration at its best. In order to avoid total despair as I became aware of the incorrectness of this view I decided to look for a way to make a contribution to the repair of our democracy. I found the work of J. Habermas and others and over time that led me to NCDD and the work of its member organizations. I am now working on ways to fit myself into that work.

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