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Published by Vicenç Rul.lan over 4 years ago in Dialogue and Facilitation in response to What motivates you to do this work?.
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I am a school psychologist and mediator and have always worked in the field of education. For the last seven years I have been very involved in school mediation and, later, in restorative approaches to dealing with conflict.

Restorative Justice's goal is not only solving conflicts, but doing it restoratively: assembling the community, using dialogue, mending broken relationships and building new ones.

I have always been interesed in doing things by using the power of all the individuals in a group. Restorative Justice has provided me with a framework from which I can make sense of things.
Building community via people's participation, as well as dealing together with conflict.

There are ways to set up group participation, such as circles of dialogue, which seem to fit very well with human nature. Other ways such as World Café or Open Space also seem to tap into innate human abilities and predispositions. It is as if we would had been waiting for this patterns of relationship and now that we have them, when we participate in tis way, human relations flow smoothly and productively.

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