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Published by clearingaway over 4 years ago in Dialogue and Facilitation in response to What motivates you to do this work?.
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The impetus for my seeking training in many forms of collaborative communication processes (including facilitation) was what I experienced and observed first-hand. In every single small nonprofit I worked in (ranging from creating a nuclear-free world to building peaceful relations between Palestinians and Israeli Jews), dedicated people worked incredibly long hours despite being vastly underpaid.

I gradually began to see that a huge contributor to stress and energy drain were often innocent assumptions and misunderstandings that led to breakdowns in communication. Decent, committed people, doing their very best, simply had no practical experience or tools for dealing effectively with inevitable differences of opinion or even conflict.

Then, of course, there's our sorely troubled world. Because of our global interconnection and interdependence, I share this conviction: Only if we learn to truly listen to understand another's perspective can we open a space for building enough connection and trust to put our hearts and heads together in co-creative ways to do our best to address the looming challenges worldwide.

I have sought out and been blessed to receive training in conflict resolution, facilitation, mediation and whole-scale systems transformation from gifted practitioners who are doing their best to "walk their talk" in the way they live and work. All of them understood the pivotal importance of taking into account emotions as reflections of and potential windows into underlying core universal human needs.

Because of the urgency of people getting better and better at working together, there's never been a greater need for inspired and inspiring facilitation. Thank you Lucas for your part in supporting this:-).

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Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing organizational knowledge more fun and efficient.

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