11 Jan

6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes

Our 2nd Dialogue about on the Post Election Outcome and its Meaning for NCDD
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Hosted by Linda Ellinor. Posted by lellinor in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017
6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes
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Our opening question for this Dialogue will be "how can we learn to successfully outreach" to our NCDD community and to our communities in general to ensure multi-perspectival public engagements? It can feel frustrating if we are only speaking to the choir, if what we are really after is to learn how to bridge the growing political and other divides we are seeing within our NCDD community as well as in our communities at large. Please reach out as you can to people who might bring diverse points of views to this conversation!!

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