12 Jun

7:00am Eastern Time

Poplus Show and Tell MeetUp
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Posted by GemMySoc in The Poplus Community.
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A Poplus 60-minute virtual meetup to show and tell developments from projects built using the poplus components with Q&A from people attending.

• Andrew Mandelbaum from SimSim in Morocco will be speaking about Nouabook (which uses Poplus components).
• Matthew Landauer from OpenAustralia Foundation will be speaking about Cuttlefish (one of the newest Poplus components).

Please Note: This event will have screensharing, so please use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

This time slot in June is:
• 5 AM - US Pacific
• 7 AM - US Eastern
• 8 AM - Chile/Argentina
• 12 PM - UK
• 7 PM - Taiwan and Malaysia
• 9 PM - Sydney
• 11 PM- New Zealand

Tech Support: (443) 400-7476
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