08 Feb

6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes

3rd Dialogue on the Post Election Impact on the field of D&D
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Posted by lellinor in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Wednesday, 08 Feb 2017
6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes
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We ended up in the 2nd Dialogue wondering about questions such as "how we can get out of our tribal bubbles" and questions related to, "how do we create spaces that make all political perspectives feel welcome?" Come with YOUR juicy questions and invite people you know who might represent different political views!! Let's expand what we know about D&D in this uncertain time. In particular, we will begin by unpacking the concepts of "empathy/compassion and boundaries" from both a liberal and a conservative point of view. With our bubbles holding us captive to certain notions behind these words, we will explore the meanings and nuances of these words so we can begin to get at the so-called "divide" between us.

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