07 Oct

12:00pm Eastern Time
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90 minutes

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Online Dialogue
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Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
12:00pm Eastern Time
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90 minutes
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Participants: $30
Presenters: Free.

The purpose of the event is to push our understanding of each other's work. If you have a tool or case study to share, this will be an effective way to spread the word.

If you are someone who is new to online dialogue and looking to get up to speed very quickly, this event is designed especially for you. You can sign in, RSVP, and pay all on this page.

Participants will see your choice of 7+ presentations by practitioners with real-world experience and tool providers with a demo to share. You will get a chance to skim blog posts by presenters before the event begins so that you can get all of your questions answered. Please post any specific or general questions that you want to see addressed at this link. Don't forget to use the RSVP button above.

Presenters, please visit this link to post info about your presentation by October 6th. Once you do so, we will list your name and topic on this page. Also, give a quick click to the RSVP button above and the "Free Pass" link below.

Event Format: Each presenter will have their own online breakout table and participants will jump between breakout tables every 15 minutes. There will be two presenters at any given time to give participants some choice. Presenters should use a conversational format. The final 30 minutes of this event will be a plenary discussion among all presenters and all participants.

Breakout Topics:

Round 1 at 12:20 Eastern- Nicolas Mangano: SketchTogether
(This table is empty.)
Round 1 at 12:20 Eastern- Christoph Berendes: Using what you already know to plan successful online dialogue
Round 2 at 12:37 Eastern- Britt Blaser: Connecting with Political Representatives
(skip- unable to attend) Cecile Green: Introduction to Collab
Round 2 at 12:37 Eastern- Linda Ellinor: Bohm Dialogue using Zoom and World Cafe using Hackpad and Maestro
Round 3 at 1pm Eastern- Steve Artis: PMLink360, a stakeholder management tool
Round 3 at 1pm Eastern- Tim Bonnemann: Hosting deliberative online forums with Zilino (incl. National Issues Forum)
Round 3 at 1pm Eastern- John Spady: Opinionnaire® Survey and Fast Forum® Reports
Note: After Round 3, return to the main table at the top for a plenary discussion on any topic.

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tbonnema about 4 years ago

Look forward to it!

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