13 Mar

1:00pm Eastern Time
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Tapping The Hidden Value of NCDD listserv discussions for In-depth Online Conversations
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Hosted by John Eley, PhD. Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Friday, 13 Mar 2015
1:00pm Eastern Time
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Join John Eley, PhD as he opens space for us to discuss how to expand and continue the great conversations we start on the NCDD list by breaking them down into discrete topic-by-topic conversations for additional depth.

This will start as a few minute intro by John with follow-up questions from Lucas Cioffi and we'll open it to group discussion, using breakout tables if the group is large.

You can read more about the initial exploration John has done with a few of the recent NCDD conversations here:

Success for this event looks like this:
1. We get feedback on the potential value of John's approach to the community.
2. We brainstorm additional approaches and ways to move the conversations that start on the NCDD listserv to greater depth.
3. Folks who are interested in exploring this get a chance to meet each other and discuss next steps.

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