10 May

7:00pm Eastern Time
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Facilitating mixed groups in the post-2016 environment
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Posted by lellinor in Dialogue and Facilitation.
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We will continue sharing our experiences in facilitating groups who are focused on conversations across the divide. Bring your stories, questions, concerns and we'll see how we are all faring in this chaotic, dystopian time.

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JLTalley almost 2 years ago

My partner and I are trying to identify the ground rules needed for civic dialogue. What commitments do I need to make to myself? What commitments do I need to make to the group? It almost has to be aspirational; we're not hardwired to be curious in the face of bigotry or aggressive advocacy. But it seems essential to get a group to FIRST decide how they would like to be together and THEN wade into issues.
Hoping part of our discussion can sharpen my thinking on this critical aspect of a group. And I'd be glad to share my first draft. --JLT

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Dennis Boyer
Dennis Boyer almost 2 years ago

Hope I can participate for the whole session!

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