07 Dec

6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes

A Dialogue on the Post Election Outcome and its Meaning for NCDD
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Posted by lellinor in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Wednesday, 07 Dec 2016
6:00pm Eastern Time
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120 minutes
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Many of us in NCDD wrestle with the post-election out-come and how to deal with the increasing polarization in our country, families, and organizations. We are in the profession of helping people listen across differences, so let’s build our own shared understanding. How do we get people into safe spaces to express their hopes, fears, and concerns for the the future? Depending on the interest, this will be a monthly Dialogue group. This will be initially facilitated by Linda Ellinor and Lucas Cioffi.

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David Magnani
David Magnani almost 3 years ago

Thank you for doing this!

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