23 Mar

2:00pm Eastern Time
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90 minutes

A Global Networking Chat
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Posted by TonyB in International TimeBank Day.
Saturday, 23 Mar 2019
2:00pm Eastern Time
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90 minutes
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Join from anywhere. Celebrate the TimeBank movement and Edgar Cahn's Birthday.

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TonyB 5 months ago
This branch of comments was active 5 months ago.

Wish Edgar a Happy Birthday, and please reply to the following prompts as you wish;
a. What made you interested in being a Timebanking member?
b. What has your experience been like as a Timebanking member?
c. Why do you think Timebanking is important?
d. Can you share a memorable moment/conversation/take away from your time as a Timebanking member?
e. Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

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Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown 5 months ago

Courious to what Timebanking is, but anything supportive of deliberative dialogue I consider a good thing, so am open to find out more.

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