21 Feb

12:30pm - 8:30pm
Eastern Time
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180 minutes

The 2019 Civic Tech & OpenGov Online Conference
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Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Fabric.
Thursday, 21 Feb 2019
12:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time (180 minutes)
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Update: The 40+ confirmed speakers are listed below.
Questions? Please contact our Chief Community Officer:
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Event Theme: What are the biggest challenges & opportunities you see in civic tech and/or opengov in 2019?

The 2016 OpenGov & CivicTech Online Conference turned out great with 50 civic tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Now we're back in 2019 and on track for 100+ participants.

Goals for this Event:
1. Convene leading thinkers and practitioners across the fields of civic tech.
2. Create space to address the challenges and opportunities our field is facing.
3. Help you spread the word about your organization and projects.

Cost: Member access to the Civic Tech News Feed and this online conference is $3/month. This event kicks-off a peer-to-peer community where anyone in civic tech will be able to connect with each other using Slack, Zoom video, a shared Google Calendar, and a shared Google Drive. There are many discussion forums in civic tech where people share written questions & answers, but there aren't many places where people can connect with each other live via phone/video, either scheduled or on-demand, so that's what we're building here.

Here are some of the conversations that presenters are leading:
- Justin Arenstein, Code for Africa: Can Civic Media Help Build Mass Adoption for Civic Technologies?
- Jay Hirschton, Full Circle Fund: Connecting the Tech Community to Civic Tech
- Margeaux Spring, Civic Data Alliance: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in or Civic Tech Spaces
- Kelly Halseth, Code for Canada: Civic tech at City Hall
- Krzysztof Madejski, Code for All Network: Challenges and opportunities for a global civic tech network
- Mark Frischmuth, DemocracyLab: Online Infrastructure to Connect Civic Tech Stakeholders
- Iyanuoluwa, BudgIT Foundation: Civic Tech Solutions; How do we scale?
- Lawrence Grodeska, CivicMakers, LLC: The Culture Stack — How Can We Cultivate Resilient & Responsive Civic Organizations?
- Marc Joffe, Center for Municipal Finance: Machine-Readable Financial Statements for Local Government
- David Fridley, Synaccord, LLC: Modern Obstacles to Democratic Discourse and the Opportunity for Large Scale Dialog and Deliberation
- Bentley Davis, Reason Score: An experimental tool increase agreement in facts and group rational decisions
- Kara Andrade, Counterpart International: Rapid Prototyping for Social Change
- Tom Tresser, The CivicLab: "The TIF Illumination Project" - Data Driven Organizing
- Shin-pei Tsay, Gehl Institute: Data for the public realm
- Elisa Huntley, Two Gather: Using Technology to End Homelessness
- Abhi Nemani, University of Chicago & EthosLabs: The Challenges and Opportunities for Investing in GovTech
- Matt Stempeck, The Civic Tech Field Guide: The Civic Tech Field Guide
- Monique Wingard, The Civic Tech Collective: Forging Past the Fear: Your Voice Matters
- David Newman, E-Consultation Research Group on behalf of Green Party of England and Wales: Digital inclusion in a political conference
- Robert Bell, Intelligent Community Forum: Preparing Your People for the Coming of the Robots
- Justyna Krygowska, The Andrew Goodman Foundation: A lot of the proposed topics can work for what we would have to share. Is there potential for collaboration?
- Rob Richie, FairVote: New Tools to Win Electoral Reform: The Case of Ranked Choice Voting
- Maria Yuan, IssueVoter: Why "How to Contact Congress" Is What's Wrong with Congress
- Janine Anderson, Hearken: You've got participation! Now what?
- Lisa Matthews, National Conference on Citizenship: Civic Data, Civic Health, Civic Renewal
- Prabu Naidu, Facilitators Network Singapore: Equipping Everyone with Facilitation Skills, the Singapore Experience
- Pearce Godwin, Listen First Project: Building the Collaborative National Conversation Project Platform to Mainstream #ListenFirst Conversations
- Erika Owens, OpenNews: Journalism tech as a force for open data
- John Wood, Better Angels: Melding Digital Community and Physical Community
- Greg Bloom, Open Referral: Community Resource Directories and the Future of Knowledge and Democracy
- Samantha Sunne, MisinfoCon: Overcoming misinformation as an obstacle to online discourse
- Roshen Sethna, Exygy: Building the First Open Source Affordable Housing System in the San Francisco Bay Area
- Eli MacLaren, Business Innovation Factory: Shifting our Len: Using Human Insights to Drive CivicTech Business Models
- Dee Washington, Circle Forward Partners: Addressing power dynamics in collaborative self-governance
- Seth Turner, Congressional Management Foundation: The Rise and Decline of Mass Email Campaigns' Influence on Congressional Decisions
- Eli MacLaren, Business Innovation Factory: Shifting our Lens: Using Human Insights to Drive CivicTech Business Models
- Tammy Esteves, Troy University: The intersection of smart city technology, emergency management, and sustainability
- Maureen K. McCarthy & Zelle Nelson, Center for Collaborative Awareness: How to Co-Design Group Relationships: the Blueprint of We Collaboration Document
- Zelle Nelson & Maureen K. McCarthy, Center For Collaborative Awareness: The Neuroscience of Collaboration
- Christoph Berendes, Facilitation Analytics/The Communications Center: When "power" is a factor, what questions will guide civictech to good results? (A conversation)
- Juan Pablo Ruiz, Wingu - Tecnología Sin Fines de Lucro: Civic-Tech in Latin America and how to collaborate with governments

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