14 Nov

11:00am Eastern Time
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60 minutes

Conversation with Open Government Partnership Researcher Dr. Brad Gutierrez
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Posted by BradGutierrez in Open Civic Innovation (Archived).
Monday, 14 Nov 2016
11:00am Eastern Time
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60 minutes
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Dr. Brad Gutierrez, newly assigned independent researcher for the Independent Reporting Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership invites you to join him for an introductory conversation about the state of the U.S. Government's Third National Action Plan and its constituent 45 commitments. Dr. Gutierrez' mandate is to research and report on the status of the commitments, the level of engagement between government and civil society, and to make recommendations for future actions.

The Action Plan is divided into thematic areas of focus for the commitments. These include:
- Open Government to Improve Public Services (Commitments 1-12)
- Access to Information (13-23)
- Public Participation (24-27)
- Government Integrity (28-31)
- Fiscal Transparency (32-34)
- Justice and Law Enforcement (35-36)
- Support Open Government at the Sub-National Level (37-40)
- Open Government to Support Global Sustainable Development (41-45)

To guide this conversation, Dr. Gutierrez would like every one to review the Action Plan and the U.S. Government's Self-Assessment and consider responses to two basic questions. First, do the commitments contained in the Action Plan matter, are they addressing issues of importance to the broad American citizenry and its relationship with its government? Second, what role did you play or were you offered to play in consulting on the development of these commitments? For those who are interested in this conversation, but are unable to attend this event, please feel free to email Dr. Gutierrez to offer your thoughts or to schedule a one-on-one conversation. He can be reached at Links to the two documents are here:

Action Plan:

Self Assessment:

Thank you for interest in this important initiative.

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