20 May

5:00pm Eastern Time
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Spring 2015 Showcase of Dialogue Methods & Technologies
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Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Wednesday, 20 May 2015
5:00pm Eastern Time
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Showcase your...
- dialogue method
- technology
- project

Gain support and find collaborators for your work.
Learn about what others are doing at the cutting edge of dialogue and facilitation.
Cost: Free

List of Presenters
- Convetit
- Balancing Act
- Dynamic Facilitation
- Want to be a presenter? Post a comment below and name your topic.

This 1-hour event will include four 12-15 minute time slots. Each time slot will have several presentations, and you can move between them as you like.

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shimon waldfogel, MD
shimon waldfogel, MD over 4 years ago
This branch of comments was active over 4 years ago.

Hello Lucas,
Looking forward to take part in the Showcase. Interested in getting feedback about an idea and method I have been working on and plan to go public with in a few weeks.
The method is the "Clinical" Case Presentation framework for D&D..(I previously submitted it as part of NCDD catalyst.)

The Case Presentation is part of The Re-Imagine the Constitution Initiative of the James Madison Project that I'm developing.

You can see early version of Websites (Not for public view as need more work)
Re-Imagine the Constitution

The James Madison Project

THanks for your work,

About the Case Presentation

The Medical Case Presentation

The medical case presentation is a process utilized by health care professional to identify, analyze, develop, implement and monitor a solution based “treatment plan” for medical problems. When used effectively in the medical arena, it provides a way to communicate among varied clinical disciplines, to share information and to develop testable hypotheses of simple as well as complex problems. It functions best to address uncertainty and lays out a plan to achieve the best results. The framework allows for problems to be clearly defined and identifying, provide objective data to support the diagnosis and “treatment plan”. As medical problems their treatments available information changes, progress notes play an important role in the Medical Case Presentation process. Divided into sections that contribute information to create an impression and more clearly define the problems and potential solutions.

Psychological issues impacting on the process will be highlighted and explored to address their impact on the problem and potential ways to limit their negative impact and to maximize their positive role.

Framing the discussion:

How can we all, including the private sector, non profits, government and citizens, best achieves effective solutions to our problems, solutions that will work in a complex world of escalating need and diminishing resources?

Our plan:

The Re-Imagine the Constitution which utilizes digital technology, blogs, surveys, newsletter, crowd sourcing with wide access for many individuals and democratization of information with real world facts rather than rhetoric, serves as a potent platform to build on ideas and energy of many to make the process most useful and productive. The various sections of the medical case will be presented over a period of weeks and ongoing discussion will be encouraged. Short and long term goals and plans will be developed and monitored.

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JohnEley over 4 years ago
This branch of comments was active over 4 years ago.

We have talked a lot about the difficulties of comparing across methods for D&D. This showcase may provide an opportunity to have those who want to showcase provide some answers to specific questions or requests, e.g. To what public issues in what settings is your method most applicable? What are the measurable outcomes of your method? What are the governing variables that you must keep within acceptable ranges for your method to achieve its objectives? This type of query and response could help many of us trying to get an handle on how methods and purposes come together.

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