05 Apr

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30 minutes

Civic Tech: Show & Tell (by Broadcouncil and others)
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Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Fabric.
Friday, 05 Apr 2019
12:30pm Eastern Time (30 minutes)
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This is an open & interactive discussion. Come to discuss a project you are working on or come to help give constructive feedback to others. We'll use breakout groups when the group gets large.

Presenter 1: Broadcouncil
Broadcouncil helps teams move quickly to an actionable plan. Every team needs to decide what to do, but the process to get there is tricky. Planning is the #1 source of wasted time at work, because most meetings are about future plans, and most wasted efforts stem from bad ones.
Existing tools (JIRA, Asana, Trello…) don’t help. They’re meant for tracking and assigning work, not deciding what to work on in the first place. Tools on the market treat plans as a list; we treat them as a network -- a cause and effect network. This makes it easy for teams to generate paths to their goals and understand the effects of their options.

Presenter 2: You?
Feel free to reach out to!


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