08 Apr

7:00pm - 1:00am
Eastern Time
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120 minutes

WOSonOS 2019 Invocation - Part 1
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Posted by osius in Open Space Community.
Monday, 08 Apr 2019
7:00pm - 1:00am Eastern Time (120 minutes)
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What do you want to have happen for the World Open Space on Open Space 2019, October 25-27 in Cherry Park Hill, Maryland in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area?

What do you want to have happen in the Open Space community?

What do you want to have happen, period? For yourself, your community, your world?

You're invited, either via video/sound during two online events, or at any time, to participate in the dialog to invite a successful WOSonOS 2019.

We'll be facilitating the dialog in Open Space. This is the first of two online events. You are welcome to attend either or both.

PART 1 - 7pm - 9pm EDT (GMT -05:00) Monday April 8 (Saturday Evening East Coast U.S.)
PART 2 - 7am - 9am EDT (GMT -05:00) Saturday April 13 (Monday Morning East Coast U.S.)

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