09 Nov

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The World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) 2016
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Posted by Michael Herman in Open Space Community.
Wednesday, 09 Nov 2016
7:00pm Eastern Time
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The WORLD is shifting. Come back to the CIRCLE. Open more SPACE.

The 24th Annual WOSonOS is November 9-12 in Manila, Philippines. Complete details and registration for attending the Manila gathering at

WOSonOS2016-Online will happen live during the Manila gathering, here in the Open Space Community Circle.

Join the conversations from anywhere in the world!

You'll register in advance, pay a small donation to cover costs, invite some friends – THEN bring your passion, experience and issues to share with OS colleagues from everywhere.

How to Register:

• Click the red QiqoChat Join/Sign In button in the upper right corner.

• Click the $10 Registration Button at the bottom of this page to reserve your place in the Online Circle for WOSonOS2016.

We'll provide timezone conversions, instructions on how to get connected, and other online help in the next few weeks.

Here are some experiments we will run online during the event – and how to register:

1. Chat with others during the gathering time on Day 1 (starting about 8am in Manila, on November 10th)

2. Listen and watch the Opening Circle, followed by online posting of topics you'd like to discuss with Manila and Online colleagues.

3. Four laptops in Manila for participants there to include in breakout sessions in Manila and/or butterflies to show and tell and chat about anything with Online colleagues, all day, Manila time, November 10th and 11th. If Manila bandwidth allows, more participants may open audio connections to more breakouts and butterfly chats.

4. Midnight in Manila - while Asia sleeps on their night of November 10th (between Days 1 and 2), we'll invite OS friends to gather for a few hours of connecting from everywhere on Open Space and other friendly topics anyone cares to announce.

5. Sit in the circle on the last morning, for any community conversation about hosting the next WOSonOS, in 2017.

6. Listen and watch the Closing Circle (with permission of Manila participants)

Click the Add to Calendar Button at the top of this page to reserve your place in the Online Circle for WOSonOS2016.

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