21 Apr

8:30pm Eastern Time
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30 minutes

Dialogue Community Office Hours
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Posted by Lucas Cioffi in Dialogue and Facilitation.
Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
8:30pm Eastern Time
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30 minutes
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You can give a demo or present any project you're working on. Talk through tough problems; share your screen (optional); receive expert feedback from other dialogue practitioners.

This will be a 30-min, informal event with small-group breakout rooms. Stay later if you like!

I will keep an updated list of topics here. To add a topic, either post a comment on this page or reply when you see the announcement on the NCDD listserv on Monday.

RSVP so we know who is coming. If you're new to Qiqo, arrive 10 minutes early to get oriented and to find the download link for the Zoom video chat tool.

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lellinor over 3 years ago
This branch of comments was active almost 2 years ago.

Hi Lucas: Would love to talk about QiQoChat and our DD CAN experience and how we can move people to the digital world in between our teleconference calls...also am wanting some feedback on a project idea I have for interviewing people using Bohm Dialogue or versions of it in their work.

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